From long and short form documentary to commercial content and animation, we produce a variety of creative media for clients large and small around the world.
In addition, with eLearning and interactive campaigns we’ve brought our storytelling experience into the digital space.

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Telling human and authentic stories is our passion. Our documentary work has screened at festivals like SXSW, HotDocs, IFFB, Camden, and others, has been nominated for and won, Emmy awards, and has been featured online at sites like Atlantic, New York Times, LA Times, Quartz, and as Vimeo Staff Picks.

Whether independent or commissioned brand films, we work with global brands and organizations to tell the best possible story for the subjects we're covering.



From broadcast to web, we've taken our documentary storytelling approach and applied it to commercial content. Working with clients and agencies that represent global brands and startups alike, we've created brand films and commercials for brands like Clinique, Pantone, TrueFit, LEGO, Johnson & Johnson, Generali, VW GTI, Herman Miller, and many others.



Rooted in good storytelling, animation is a powerful medium for visualizing complex ideas and challenging concepts. With our animators and illustrators, we work with clients through development and script writing, pre-visualization and storyboarding, illustration and animation, ultimately delivering highly polished motion-graphics and animations.



Our interactive work is platform agnostic and focuses on immersive content, where participants can engage in a non-linear, story-driven experience. We also re-purpose and personalize existing content, adapt it to your customer’s engagement preferences, and distribute it via all social channels, including mobile, social, web, and email. We use real-time engagement tools to track all interactions and to continuously improve and update the user experience.