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Dr. Penny Wheeler

CEO, Allina Health
“It's changing hearts and minds that transforms organizations. So telling stories about how lives were affected and feeling that story is really huge to our ability to transform. The way you told this story, there wasn't a dry eye. It was told so well."

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA

Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA

President, MultiCare Connected Care
“Without hesitation, I would highly recommend working with dot. Ethan Vincent and Nathaniel Hansen are professional, possess a collective skilled eye and design sensibility, and perhaps just as importantly, they are gracious, patient, and collaborative.”


Dr. Detlef Luppow

Managing Director, Martini Klinik
“It was a pleasure to work with Ethan and Nathaniel ... we were very grateful how the two of them were able to capture patient stories without being intrusive or exploitive. The results were emotional, flattering and perfect for our featured image film.”


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Telling human and authentic stories is our passion. Our documentary work has screened at festivals like SXSW, HotDocs, IFFB, Camden, and others, has been nominated for and won, Emmy awards, and has been featured online at sites like Atlantic, New York Times, LA Times, Quartz, and as Vimeo Staff Picks.

Whether independent or commissioned brand films, we work with global brands and organizations to tell the best possible story for the subjects we're covering.



From broadcast to web, we've taken our documentary storytelling approach and applied it to commercial content. Working with clients and agencies that represent global brands and startups alike, we've created brand films and commercials for brands like Clinique, Pantone, TrueFit, LEGO, Johnson & Johnson, Generali, VW GTI, Herman Miller, and many others.



Rooted in good storytelling, animation is a powerful medium for visualizing complex ideas and challenging concepts. With our animators and illustrators, we work with clients through development and script writing, pre-visualization and storyboarding, illustration and animation, ultimately delivering highly polished motion-graphics and animations.



Our interactive work is platform agnostic and focuses on immersive content, where participants can engage in a non-linear, story-driven experience. We also re-purpose and personalize existing content, adapt it to your customer’s engagement preferences, and distribute it via all social channels, including mobile, social, web, and email. We use real-time engagement tools to track all interactions and to continuously improve and update the user experience.


documentary filmmaker Nathaniel Hansen



Nathaniel Hansen is an Emmy nominated producer and an award winning Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. His work has screened at over 150 festivals world-wide including Tribeca, SXSW, Hot Docs, Camden, IFFB, and many others. His films have been featured online by sites like the New York Times, LA Times, The Atlantic, Quartz, and PBS. He holds an MFA from Emerson College, where he is also an affiliated faculty member, and resides in Boston with his family.




An Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Ethan is a highly sought-after storyteller for his work on both commercial and non-profit documentary films. Ethan has produced, directed, shot, and edited hundreds of short documentaries for clients such as Lego, VW, Audi, Franklin Covey, Sony Pictures Animation, Fuel TV, Iglo/ Findus, Generali Insurance (Austria), Microsoft, SpinRiot, Truefit and Clinique. Ethan resides in Vienna, Austria with his family.




David Richards, is an award winning technologist, consistently winning national awards within the interactive media industry and has founded/co-founded several successful start-ups (including e-Mersion, HealthStart IQ and RISEcx 'formally SpinRiot'). David actively consults with international corporations, government agencies, colleges and non-profit organizations representing various industries.




Sarah Ginsburg is an award winning documentary filmmaker, producer, and editor. In 2014 she edited ten intimate vignettes for Hollow, the Peabody award-winning and Emmy-nominated interactive documentary about life in Appalachia. The podcast she co-created, She Does, won a 2016 Communicator Award of Excellence from The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. In 2015, she was the co-director of photography and co-editor of Best and Most Beautiful Things, a feature-length documentary that premiered at SXSW in 2016 and after its theatrical release was a NYT Critics’ Pick. Most recently, Sarah has worked closely with MIT, Frontline, and PBS.




Luke is a strong believer in the power of storytelling. Whether it be graphic design, illustration, animation, or writing, a good story is at the heart of nearly everything he does. He understands the power of narrative in expressing a client’s message, and his passion for motion graphics is his favorite place to apply it. Currently an educator at Brigham Young University, he has recently received top awards for his work from the AIGA.




With a technical background from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria, Benjamin’s technical skills combined with his raw visual talent makes him a powerhouse of a cinematographer. He has filmed icons like Yoko Ono, Ai Wei Wei, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Brian Eno, and many others. As a veteran global traveler, Ben handles filming abroad for large brands like Mercedes, Austrian Airlines, and Generali with a smile. When he isn’t working for hire, he is filming for fun. He’s crazy like that.


dot. specializes in healthcare content and media. With over 15 years of documentary experience, our team has spent the last five years delving deeper into the complex world of the healthcare storytelling. Whether promotional, investigative, inspirational, or educational, dot. has been at the center of numerous outreach and branded campaigns.

Strong Storytelling/Clear Messaging

Healthcare organizations have a need for strong storytelling and clear messaging. As healthcare organizations follow current trends in shifting their focus towards operative essentials (lean management, value-based healthcare), simple, authentic and honest communication has proven successful in reaching wider audiences in a powerful way.

In addition, many companies and institutions have improved the quality of their current branding by implementing animation, interactive or instructional content. Some simply want to strike a new chord in their messaging towards patients, partners and customers. Healthcare institutions may desire to widen their educational offerings and bring their knowledge database into the digital and interactive realm of 21st century.

Speaking the Same Language

A certain frustration comes with not speaking the same language within the healthcare space. Our creatives, directors and writers have invested years in accumulating knowledge through conducting thousands of hours of interviews with leading healthcare experts, specialists, CEOs, Professors, thought leaders, and administrators.

Connected to an active network of healthcare professionals and a team of researchers, we continue to amass key information, identify trends and gauge the sentiments within this fast paced industry. Top marketing and advertising firms may be able to help raise awareness, but often fail to align core strategies with complex concepts within a shifting marketplace