A Coalition of the Willing – Documentary Film

With just 5% of patients in the United States accounting for approximately 50% of the total cost of care, health care organizations are struggling to blunt the trend. Many are waiting and watching to see what healthcare reform brings. Others began their efforts a decade ago and continue to boldly innovate with new population health models of care funded by risk-based contracts. While many of the early innovators are struggling to deliver a positive return, others are finding success as they pivot their models, giving more attention to data-driven care management strategies that more predictably suggest the right level of care to the right patients at the right time. And still others are willing to redefine ‘whole person’ care as they look beyond the traditional walls of healthcare.

“A Coalition of the Willing” explores the successes and struggles among care teams from the Camden Coalition, Partners Healthcare, Health Quality Partners, and others, as they discover new methods to make healthcare sustainable while serving the most complex patients in their communities. In important ways, each of these organizations have discovered positive healthcare outcomes with their most complex patients by addressing solutions to housing, employment, behavioral health and social challenges in addition to their traditional healthcare needs. Critics argue the fixes are short term at best, or the result of skewed reporting, while others fear economic catastrophe still awaits these early innovators after their years of effort to prove these new models successful. Can redefining success per-patient, improving targeted interventions, and actively using care management teams actually have a long-term impact?

Presented by Health Catalyst
Written and Directed by: Nathaniel Hansen and Ethan Vincent
Executive Producer: Paul Horstmeier
Produced by: Chris Keller, Nathaniel Hansen, Ethan Vincent
Associate Producer: Hannah Mogul-Adlin
Edited By: Ethan Vincent, Nathaniel Hansen
Assistant Editor: Heather Cassano
Audio Mix: Dan Carlisle
Narration: Chris Kendrick
Music by: Foundermusic.com, themusicbed.com

Don Berwick
Jeffrey Brenner
Ken Coburn
Timothy Ferris
Dan Gorenstein
Allison Hamblin
Ann Hwang
Victor Murray
William Nice
Miguel Rodriguez
Natassia Rozario
Victoria Sale
Corey Waller
Eric Weil

Special Thanks:
Kelly Craig
Meylin Davila
Mark Humowiecki
Teaka Isaac
Teray Johnson
Berly Laycox
Kedar Mate
Therese McCoy
Renee Murray
Ramona Olivares
Marcus Pollard
Brian Thompson
Aaron Truchil
Marisol Velasquez

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